LOGO is a design or symbol that helps recognize your business service or products. It is the best tool to create brand awareness and brand identity, It is a visual representation of your service and product.

We can differentiate logos into 5 types

Symbolic : Also called as iconic logos, It is a type of image related to particular product or company. These are simple but stylised to give visual effect. We can easily recognize the image, It is preferred to use this logo for a company whose product is familiar.

example-for-symbolic-logo                                   symbolic-logo-example

Wordmark : Also called as typographic, it is the type of text logo that incorporates brand/company name with unique font style. These type of logos are memorable.

wordmark-logo-example                               wordmark-logo

Combination mark : It is a type of logo that forms by a combination of symbolic and wordmark logos. Many companies prefer this type because text can illustrate the brand than other.

logo        combination-mark-logo               example-for-combination-mark-logo

Letter Mark : This type of logos are formed by taking company name initial or brand name first letter.

lettermark-logo                                   lettermark-logo-example

EMBLEM : This type of logo containing Company or Business logo within the design

There are many sites in online which provides logo design services. Before designing think what kind of logo suits your business? How can you relate the logo to your business? Create the better idea and execute it.

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